Words are funny things, aren’t they? Some words have the power to heal, while some can cut deeper than any knife. To some people, a series of words might mean next to nothing, while to another, they might mean the world. As a lover of linguistics, it’s always fascinated me that some words just can’t be translated – there is simply no equivalent in another language that conveys the full meaning of that word in its native tongue. Here are some of my favourite undefinable words translated into English, and uncommon English words with interesting definitions.

aspectabund atelophobia balter brontide consenescere dormiveglia fuubutsushi gibigianna gokotta hiraeth hygge ilunga koi no yokan l'espritdel'escalier lypophrenia mamihlapinatapai meliorism naches nefelibata ostranenie palinoia petrichor philophobia phosphenes quaintrelle querencia rantipole sankofa smultronstalle sobremesa torpe velleitie volta yugen


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