The Robin Scherbatsky Realization.

The more I watch How I Met Your Mother, the more I realize how similar I am to Robin. Actually, the more I realize how similar my life is to the show as a whole.

Let’s break it down:

We have Marshall and Lily, long-time couple who are adorably perfect for each other and are miles ahead of the rest of their friends in terms of relationships. In my life, that’s exactly what my two best friends are like: they’ve been together since high school, just celebrated their 7th anniversary, and though they aren’t yet married or even engaged, they recently bought a house together constantly make me realize how far away from that sort of relationship bliss I am. In a totally non jealous, over the moon happy for them kinda way. Okay, well, maybe a little bit jealous, but mostly happy for them.

Then we have Ted and Barney, the two guys who are always on the lookout for a new girl, whether it’s to date or sleep with. These characters don’t fit exactly into my current friend group, but we do have one that at least likes to pretend that he has a shot with any girl he wants.

And lastly, Robin Scherbatsky. The emotionally closed off, commitment phobic girl who has fallen in love, gotten her heart broken and fallen in love again with her friend. She likes to pretend that she is over him and masks her feelings when hanging out with him as friends, but deep down she knows she’s not over him and she knows that for whatever reason, they will always have some sort of chemistry.

He may not be a Barney in real life, but I swear he is the Barney to my Robin. Where my other friends see him as just a kind of nerdy, sometimes dirty minded guy that they would never dream of hooking up with, I see him as so much more. He is the guy that makes me feel things, good and bad, that I have never felt before. He is the guy who helps me tear down the walls I’ve built around my heart. He is the guy who has made me feel so safe and beautiful and loved when I was with him in the past. He is the guy I can see myself with in the future. He is the guy I wish I could be with right now. He is my Barney Stinson. And though my life may not be a sitcom, I don’t think he and I will ever work out any better than she and him.


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