New Year Resolutions

Well, 2016 is officially here and I am not upset to say goodbye to 2015. It was an interesting year, if nothing else, and I learned a lot, both about myself and others. I hope 2016 brings health and happiness for myself, all of my friends and family and anyone who might be reading this. With that said, it is the time of year to make resolutions. Plans for self-improvement in the new year. If you’re anything like me, you make resolutions that are way too broad and unattainable and you stick to them for approximately 11 days (if that) before reverting to your old ways and saying you’ll try again next year. So this time around, I’m doing things a little bit differently. I have decided to make monthly resolutions for myself. This way, if it’s awful, I only have to stick to it for 30 days! And if it works well, I can try to continue it again the following month! What’s not to like? So here it is, my list of goals for January 2016:

  • attend 1 yoga class each week
  • do 4 barre classes each week (either at a studio or online – minimum 30 minutes, maximum 60 minutes/class)
  • buy less than 5 meals (including going out for dinner, ordering delivery and buying snacks/lunches from fast food places because I was too lazy to make lunch)
  • no alcohol
  • turn my phone off between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am

This may be an ambitious list to accomplish all in one month, but realistically, I was on the way to doing most of these things before the holiday season so I don’t think it should be overly difficult to accomplish. I hope that working towards meeting these goals will help me improve my physical, nutritional, financial, emotional and mental health.

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year and I hope the holiday season treated you all kindly!


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